Our company has its own sets of transport, which include:
- STANDARD  with a capacity of 90m3 => 34 Europalete
- COILMULDE to transport of coils => 34 Europalete
- MEGA  with a capacity of 120m3 => 34 Europalete
- REFRIGERATED SEMITRAILERS  which keeps teperature
between -25 to +25 celsious degree => 33 Europalete
- HDS kit with a range 13.30m


Our vehicles meets all European standards as well as all environmental rules.
These cars has at least EURO 5 emissions classification
Each car is equipped with modern GPS navigation system.
Communication with drivers is ensured by the GSM system
Our cars are equipped with 500 and 550 DAN belts, timbers, corners, all non-slip mats and others.
For the dedicated sets we have possibility to attach forklift truck  (Mitnahmestapler).
 The manufacturer of OUR semitrailers is one of the largest semitrailers producers in Europe,  WIELTON SA from Wielun.

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